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Why use cloth nappies?


On the surface it seems that using modern cloth nappies is expensive. But compared to the cost of full time disposables from birth to toilet training, using cloth, even part time cloth, is much more affordable.

A conservative estimation on the cost of using a popular brand of disposable nappies from birth to toilet training at 2 years old, using an average of 7 nappies in 24 hours is $1,700 PER CHILD.  And modern children toilet train later – the average child is now fully day trained closer to 3 years old.

Outlay for enough Minkie Baby nappies for full time use, with washing every second day, is approximately $500 – and the same nappies can be reused for multiple children.  This is a 340% saving! Even if you were to use Minkie Baby nappies part time, you will still make considerable savings.

In terms of care, nappies are to be washed on cold, with minimal powder or liquid, and line dried, so costs there are small. 

Environmental Impact

If you follow instructions correctly and dry pail the soiled nappies, adjust the fill level on your machine suitable to the quantity of nappies being washed, wash on cold and line dry, then the environmental  impact of using cloth is minimal. Compare this to the amount of water used in the manufacture of disposable nappies, and the amount of landfill required to process soiled ones and it’s clear that using cloth nappies has significantly less impact on our environment.


Minkie Baby cloth nappies are breathable and cool compared to the plastic of a disposable nappy. They have a soft Minkie cotton Fabric outer and a suedecloth inner that wicks away moisture from your baby’s sensitive skin. Minkie Baby nappies are trim fitting compared to an old fashioned terry nappy flat and cover and compare well to disposables. And the super soft plush outer is gorgeous to touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will using Minkie Baby cloth nappies require a lot more work?

 A: Not at all. In general we recommend a doing a load washing every second or third day – you will need to find the balance between how often you prefer to wash and how many nappies you need. There’s no folding or stuffing required, the optional booster just lays in if needed, otherwise Minkie Baby nappies are ready to go right off the line. 
Using disposables still requires work – bags of soiled nappies to take to the bin constantly, trips to the shops to purchase more.  The work load is only marginally higher with cloth.

Q: Do I have to change my baby more often in cloth?

A: Yes, you do. Cloth nappies do not hold as much liquid as the chemical absorbent crystals in disposable nappies. You should expect to need to change your baby approximately every 3 hours or so, sooner if they have soiled. This may seem like a negative, but the super absorbency and stay-dry nature of disposable nappies are considered to be a big part of why modern children toilet train later (modern average is 3-3.5 years as opposed to 2-2.5 years in the 1980s).

Q: How many nappies do I need?

A: This depends on the age of your baby and if you are using cloth full time or part time. A newborn baby will require 8-12 changes in 24 hours – some newborns will soil their nappy at every feed. An older baby or toddler will require 6-8 in the same period.

Here is an easy table with the minimum amount of Minkie Baby nappies you will need:


Full Time Cloth
Part Time Cloth

24 nappies
(2x Minkie Baby Dozen)

12 nappies
(1x Minkie Baby Dozen)

3 months +

12 nappies
(1x Minkie Baby Dozen)

6 nappies
(1x Minkie Baby 6-pack)

Product Info

Washing Minkie Baby Nappies:


Washing Minkie Baby Breast Pads:

  • Wash nappies before first use.
  • Dispose of solid waste in toilet.
  • Store dirty nappies in a dry nappy bucket until ready to wash.
  • Do not soak nappies.
  • Machine wash on cold with 1/3 - 1/2  cup of washing powder.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Line dry in full sun to treat stains.
  • Boosters may be tumble dried on hot.
  • Nappies may be finished off briefly in tumble dryer on low.
  • Wash breast pads before first use.
  • Bamboo fabric can take a few washes to reach maximum absorbency.
  • Machine wash on cold with 1/3 – 1/2 cup of washing powder.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Line dry in full sun to treat stains.
  • Breast pads may be finished off briefly in tumble dryer on low.

Minkie Baby Sizing Information

Newborn: 2.5kg - 4kg
Small: 4kg - 7kg
Medium: 6.5kg - 11kg
Large: 9.5kg +

Please note sizing is approximate – correct fit will depend on your child’s body shape.